Can You Enjoy Cooler Weather in Coastal Locations?

135 days ago

If you don’t enjoy the heat, you might be better off heading for the coast. In this article, we’ll find out why that’s the case – and why you cannot always rely on it, either!



How Useful Are Average Temperatures?

157 days ago

Every location in the world has an average temperature for each month of the year. Looking on a graph, you can see how warm or cold it could be in a location at any point, depending on when you are going to visit. But should you trust averages?



Understanding the Wind Chill Factor

189 days ago

If you have ever been out in windy weather, you’ll know it feels a lot colder when the wind blows compared to when it doesn’t. This is due to the wind chill factor, and we will find out more about it here.



Who Was Anders Celsius?

238 days ago

Have you ever heard of Anders Celsius? You’re no doubt familiar with his surname, even if you never realised it was a surname before, and not just a measurement of temperature…



Still Feeling the Cold? 2017 Has Been Mild Compared to Some of These Examples

257 days ago

Most of us have been wrapped up in jumpers, scarves and gloves for the past few weeks. January has been cold, with plenty of frost and ice around for much of it. But though it may seem chilly, it’s mild compared to some of the worst winters we’ve seen throughout history.



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