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Quick Temperature Conversion

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How to Use Our Temperature Converter

Have you ever read a temperature in Celsius and wondered what it translated to in Fahrenheit? Maybe you’ve been in a situation that is the complete opposite. Americans tend to use Fahrenheit temperatures which can make life difficult if you’re wondering what 86F translates to in Celsius, for example.

The good news is you don’t have to wonder anymore. Our temperature converter is simple to use and you’ll soon be converting all the calculations you need. Let’s find out how to use it step by step.

How to start

Firstly you need to fill in the number you have to start with. For instance if you want to know what 26 degrees Celsius is in Fahrenheit, type 26 into the box. If you have a number in Kelvin that you want to convert into one of the other temperature measurements, enter that number into the box.

Choose your temperatures

You’ll see two drop down boxes – one labelled ‘from’ and the other labelled ‘to’. Select the temperature scale you want to start with from the ones in the first box. If you know a temperature in Celsius find that, for example. Next, choose the scale you want to convert your figure into from the second box, the ‘to’ box.

Convert one to the other

Now all you have to do is hit ‘convert’ to get the sum you want. The page will refresh and you’ll see your exact conversion listed. The temperature you started with (in the appropriate scale) is shown on the left and the conversion is on the right. You’ll also see what one degree converts into from each to the other, which may also be useful to know.

What are the benefits of using our temperature converter?

There are plenty of benefits – for starters you’ll always know how to get a quick conversion from one temperature scale to another. This is particularly good if you aren’t familiar with one or more scales.

The converter also has Kelvin figures included so if you need scientific data or you’re simply looking for relevant figures on the Kelvin scale, you can rest assured they are here as well.

You can also see how temperatures convert if you’re going on holiday and you’re wondering whether the average temperatures there convert into ones you’re happy with. There are all kinds of situations where our converter will come in useful.

It also takes the hassle out of trying to calculate these conversions on your own. For example most people know that a rough calculation from Celsius to Fahrenheit is to double the number in Celsius and then add 30. However this isn’t precise – our converter will always give you the precise answers you’re looking for.

So the next time you need a proper conversion amount, make sure you come to our website and use our converter. It’s simple, easy, free to use and great to have around. You’ll find there are more uses for it than you might think as well.