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How to Use Our Simple But Effective Temperature Converter

Most of us use either Celsius or Fahrenheit when it comes to temperatures. This makes it difficult when you come across a temperature that is in a different scale to the one you’re used to. For instance Americans are familiar with Fahrenheit temperatures but in the UK we use Celsius. Converting one from the other can be tricky.

Fortunately our temperature converter takes the hard work out of this problem. Once you know how to use it you can quickly convert one calculation to another with ease. Let’s take a closer look at how to work out all the temperature conversions you need.

Getting started

You begin with the number you have. So for example let’s say you want to convert 15 degrees Celsius into Fahrenheit. In this case you would enter the number 15 into the box provided. If the number is in Fahrenheit you enter in that number instead, or a Kelvin number if that’s what you have to start with.

Select the appropriate temperature

Now you have to select the temperature scale you are using at the moment. In the example above you’d select Celsius as that is the figure you are starting with. This selection is made in the ‘from’ drop down box.

You’ll see another box here too. This is labelled ‘to’. In the above example we want to convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit so in this case you would choose Fahrenheit from the second box.

Complete the conversion

Once you have entered the number and selected the appropriate temperature scales you simply have to hit the ‘convert’ button to get your answer. This will appear when the page refreshes, along with the relevant information from your conversion. You can also see a one degree conversion from your original temperature scale into the destination one, which could be helpful.

Explore the benefits of using this converter

We’re not all familiar with every temperature scale known to man. This is why having a practical converter such as this one is a great asset. We’ve also made sure you can calculate figures in Kelvin if you need to, regardless of whether you are starting with Kelvin or you want to convert into that amount.

While it is possible to figure out the calculation on your own it can take time and it isn’t always accurate. By using our temperature converter you can take all the guesswork out of the process with ease.

Another practical use for the converter is to use it before you go on holiday abroad. Quite often temperatures are indicated in Fahrenheit in these situations and you may want to convert them into Celsius prior to booking a break so you can see what to expect.

With no guesswork and no hassle involved, it makes good sense to use our temperature converter whenever you can. You are guaranteed a proper conversion solution and it is completely free to use as well. With more reasons and uses to have it around than you might think, it’s certainly helpful to keep it bookmarked.