Do You Use Boiling Water for Your Coffee?

30 July 2015, 12:01

Getting the best cup of coffee first thing in the morning is a pre-requisite for many people. You may not function until you’ve had some caffeine. This article reveals whether you’re doing it right.



Could the UK Break the Record for the Hottest Day Ever?

30 June 2015, 17:02

That is the question we are all asking ourselves as summer 2015 well and truly gets underway. We have already seen some lovely weather in the past few weeks, but it could be about to get hotter still.



India Suffers Through a Major Heat Wave

31 May 2015, 17:02

If you have been keeping up with international news stories, you cannot fail to have heard about the severe heat wave those in India are currently suffering. Here we delve into how hot it is out there.



Freak Weather: Why Does it Happen?

28 April 2015, 18:03

Most of us have experienced freak weather from time to time. This article explains how what we think is freak weather conditions may not be so freaky at all.



How Cold Is It At the Top of a Mountain?

20 March 2015, 16:18

Have you heard stories about people going up a mountain in sunny weather in t-shirt and shorts, only to get caught up in cold weather and even snow at the top? This article explores the temperature changes you can experience on a mountain.



Could a Fever Soon Be Detected By a Simple Armband?

27 February 2015, 16:47

If you have ever struggled to tell whether someone has a fever or not, help could soon be on the way. A new invention looks set to make spotting a fever easier than ever. We find out more.



How Cold is Cold?

28 January 2015, 15:09

Temperatures are a funny thing. For starters they can be hard to predict but they can also feel very different to how we’d expect them to. This article looks into the reasons why.



Will We Have a White Christmas?

18 December 2014, 12:11

Every year people take bets on whether the temperatures will fall enough to give us a chance of a white Christmas. Will they fall low enough to help create the best odds of it happening this year?



Are We on Track for the Coldest Winter on Record (Again)?

25 November 2014, 10:45

Every year around October or November time, the UK is hit with stories and predictions that this year will be the coldest one on record. So should we get ready for a white Christmas – for real – this year, or will it be another mild one?



New World Record Achieved for the Lowest Temperature Ever

27 October 2014, 17:07

How cold do you feel at the moment? Chances are it is nowhere near as cold as the world record temperature achieved recently by scientists in Italy. Warning - this might make you feel more than a bit chilly!



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