Are We In for an Indian Summer?

16 September 2014, 13:42

August turns into September and the kids go back to school. With it the weather cools down and the leaves start to fall from the trees. Is this right – or not?

If the weather experts are to be believed we could see something a little different this year, just as we have done in other years. We’re talking about an Indian summer. But what exactly is it?

An Indian summer is a period of warm weather than is warmer and sunnier than it would normally be. If it is going to take place it will do so from September onwards. Back in 2011 southern Britain enjoyed some amazing weather in early October. Anyone who went to Brighton on 2nd October that year – a Sunday – will remember the packed beaches and the distinct lack of woolly jumpers! Temperatures on that day hit just shy of 30 degrees Celsius, a record that may not be broken for a long time. It turned out to be the hottest October day on record.

So will we see an Indian summer this year? The odds are in our favour that the weather will be better than average, although of course the further you look ahead the less likely it is the forecast will be accurate. September does tend to be better than we often think though. There is something about the end of August and the return to a new school year that makes things seem very final in terms of good weather. And yet in reality we can often end up with days and weeks in September that offer lovely weather, even if it does not quite reach the heights of temperature it did during periods from May onwards.

And this is the important thing to remember. An Indian summer does not mean we are going to see temperatures hotter than we had earlier in the summer months. We may do – as we saw back in 2011 – but it is not necessarily the case. Instead we only have to see temperatures that are higher than average for it to be counted as an Indian summer. Of course they need to occur over an extended period – one freak warm day won’t exactly be long enough to be called a summer. It does bear some thinking about though.

So if you are considering staying somewhere in the UK this September for a home-based holiday, you may just be lucky and end up with the advantages of an Indian summer to look forward to. You’ll still never know quite what to expect from day to day but then that is equal with the rest of the year too. Sometimes nothing much changes! It does make you wonder how warm it will be throughout September and into November though, doesn’t it?