Could the UK Break the Record for the Hottest Day Ever?

30 June 2015, 17:02

At the time of writing the hottest temperature ever recorded in the UK was measured on 10th August 2003. The high temperature was recorded at 38.5 degrees Celsius in Brogdale, Kent that day. Nearby Gravesend could ‘only’ manage 38.1 degrees Celsius, bringing it into second place as a result.

Now everyone is asking whether the high point could be topped yet again – and it certainly looks as though we are going to get very close to it. At the moment July looks like it will kick off in style with temperatures estimated to climb into the low thirties Celsius. Indeed it is thought they could go even higher than this locally, which could produce another record-breaker.

For many these temperatures will be extremely hot and will keep them indoors though. Keeping cool is definitely the order of the day for many of us, and those visiting Wimbledon for the tennis are advised to take plenty of sunscreen and to cover up with light airy clothing to help keep the sun off. There’s no such escape for the players, who will be out on court in temperatures that might well break records.

But where is all this heat coming from? Apparently the weather front that is producing all this lovely hot weather has come over from Africa. This explains a lot, since Africa is known for much higher temperatures than we would normally get. The main time of the day when such temperatures could be reached will be the mid-to-late hours of the afternoon. As such if the record is going to be beaten, it could well be during these hours on Wednesday and possibly Thursday that will make it happen.

However, it doesn’t matter whether the heatwave results in a record breaker or not. Many of us will look back on summer 2015 as a pretty good summer all in all. We have already had a good few weeks of settled weather after a cold start that seemed to go on forever. Now we might end up with a good long summer filled with lots of good days we can enjoy.

The hot weather will produce some unusual headlines though as reporters aim to come up with some unusual comparisons. One of the best speculated that Scotland could end up reaching temperatures higher than those in Thailand! The hottest temperature reached in Scotland occurred on the same day as the record was broken for the UK back in 2003. Greycrook recorded a temperature of 32.9 degrees Celsius that day, in the Borders area of Scotland. Will we see that beaten this year as well?

We shall have to wait and see. In the meantime, make sure you stay cool and avoid heading out in the hottest parts of the day if you can help it.