Could There Be Hot Temperatures On the Way?

16 May 2014, 16:30

We’ve had hot summers in the UK before. Indeed, 2013 was a pretty good summer by all accounts, giving us long periods of sunny and quite warm weather too. It wasn’t the hottest we’ve ever had but it was certainly memorable.

However you may not be aware that a phenomenon called El Nino is largely responsible for indicating what the temperatures – and indeed the weather as a whole – could be like in the coming months. It’s not all good news for a good summer though; the more pronounced the El Nino effect is, the more likely it is there will be a major weather event. This could be anything from hot dry weather – leading to a higher potential of a drought – to major flooding, depending on how the winds generated by the effect progress.

Typically speaking we only get a major weather event caused by El Nino once every two decades. However this is now expected to become a lot more common, occurring every ten years instead. Experts watching the sea temperatures this year have stated they believe it could be a particularly major event this time around. If the effect is going to be pronounced it kicks into action early in the year, and this has occurred this year. Will 2014 see a major weather event owing to the rising temperatures of the Pacific?

It’s strange to think that a temperature increase of around one to three degrees Celsius is all it takes to cause this. We tend to focus on the air temperature as opposed to what the temperature of the sea is doing. But as you can see it only takes what appears to be a slight difference to make a big change to the world we live in. The reason for this is because the extra heat and moisture the effect brings up into the atmosphere can affect the weather around the world.

This means that even if El Nino does bring forth a particularly large weather event this year, it may not affect the UK. On the other hand we could be the worst hit. Similarly large swathes of the world could be affected in one way or another, depending on how things progress. As you can see it makes sense to keep watching and reading the news to see what happens next. 2014 could be memorable in some way regarding the weather – we are just not quite sure how it will progress as yet. The experts will continue monitoring El Nino closely to see how it progresses, and to provide alerts if the phenomenon does indeed heat up in the coming few months. From this point on, anything could happen.