Do You Use Boiling Water for Your Coffee?

30 July 2015, 12:01

How do you make your coffee in the morning? Chances are you boil the kettle, get your beans or instant coffee ready and pour on the boiling water to get your brew.

Turns out, if this is the way you’re doing it, you’re doing it wrong. But why?

The answer lies in the temperature of the water. Boiling water quite simply burns the coffee. You don’t want to do that otherwise you will end up getting a slightly-burnt taste you can’t get rid of. Even if you add milk and sugar your coffee may not taste as good as it should.

The idea is to make sure your kettle has boiled and gone slightly off the boil before you pour on the water. One coffee manufacturer had the perfect temperature as 96 degrees Celsius. Of course, most of us won’t have the time to get a thermometer to make sure we have our water at the precise temperature. Suffice to say you should leave the water for a few moments before pouring it onto your beans or instant coffee. In fact if you opt for instant the temperature should be even lower – around 80 degrees Celsius. All this was revealed in an infographic from GB Energy Supply recently.

Okay so that’s sorted. But what if you don’t drink coffee? Suppose you’re a tea drinker instead?

In that case you should definitely boil your water and pour it onto your tea as soon as possible after the kettle has boiled. It needs to be as close to boiling point (100 degrees Celsius, 212 degrees Fahrenheit) as possible. Mind you, that only applies to black tea. The hotter the better for black tea, as the increased temperature actually helps the flavour of the tea come out to its fullest. You can brew a number of other tea varieties in the same way, including peppermint. Green tea needs something a little more delicate though. In this case you need to dip down to around 75 degrees Celsius.

Of course no one is going to have a thermometer ready to use when sorting out their drinks first thing in the morning – or at any other time of the day come to that. However it is interesting to see how a difference in temperature can lead to a completely different experience with regard to your favourite hot drink. Whether you are a tea drinker or a coffee drinker, you will get more from your drinks if you know roughly how hot the water should be when you pour it on the coffee beans, instant coffee, loose tea or teabag.

With that in mind, we bet you will be thinking about this in more depth tomorrow morning when the time comes to make your beverage.