Heatwave Sees a Guardsman Pass Out in London

23 May 2014, 12:23

It’s May, and while we’re not that far away from the prospect of April showers, it seems we’ve had a rather nice month in terms of warm temperatures. Indeed Heathrow – a notorious hotspot in terms of rising temperatures in warm weather – hit 26.3 degrees Celsius on Monday 19th May this year (2014).

So it should come as no surprise that while some people were out enjoying the nice weather others were struggling to cope with the temperatures. One of them included the poor Guardsman who was rehearsing for the annual Trooping the Colour event that takes place in London.

Some people love hot weather but it is always important to remember to stay safe. The hotter it gets the more likely it is that some people will experience health problems. We’re not just talking about the potential to get sun burned either. When it is hot we lose more moisture through sweating and that means it is much easier to become dehydrated. Remember that you should replace whatever you lose through sweat, so carry around a bottle of water with you at all times. Don’t wait until the heat makes you feel ill – drink steadily and regularly and make sure you avoid alcohol too. Alcohol can make you feel even worse, even though you probably just want a cool beer or glass of wine to enjoy while the sun shines.

If you know it is forecast to be a good day the next day, be prepared. Get the sun cream ready and that iced bottle of water and start drinking plenty from early in the day. Some people don’t do this – they enjoy the weather and then wonder why they have a headache or don’t feel well. Dehydration isn’t necessarily something you feel coming on gradually so it is always best to make sure you don’t suffer in the first place.

It is far less likely that you would succumb to passing out in the heat if you drink enough to begin with. It doesn’t protect you 100% though. Make sure you focus on staying in the shade as much as possible and wear cool cotton clothing that will create some breeze around you as you walk too. If you take all the right steps you can feel much better and make the most of the weather without feeling ill at the same time.

While the current heatwave seems to have been rather short and to have ended rather quickly, there is speculation that the temperatures could start to rise once more in time for the summer. That is still a fair way off though so who knows what will actually happen? If it does get warm again at least you will know how to prepare.