How Much Do You Know About Global Warming?

26 August 2014, 14:24

Did you know the temperature of the earth has gone up by 0.8 degrees Celsius in the last 100 years? It doesn’t sound like much, does it? According to official data the past quarter of a century has accounted for over half that degree change. That should get your attention, but still, it’s only a small amount in terms of temperature. If you think of what it feels like when the temperature is, say, 20 degrees Celsius compared to 21 degrees Celsius you can’t feel much difference at all. So why should we be worried about a change of less than this that has taken place over a century?

The fact is the earth is heating up. The more it does so the more uncomfortable it will be for us to live here. We’ve been burning fossil fuels for centuries now and that has led to more CO2 being sent into the air. This is known as a greenhouse gas because it leads to the earth getting warmer. The more CO2 is emitted, the more the temperature will increase. Hence the drive to do more for our planet and to ensure we can arrest the rise of global warming.

One particular study has revealed that the temperatures we have experienced between the 80s and the year 2000 were the hottest humans experienced in the previous 400 years. Glaciers are melting and Arctic ice is going the same way. Think of all the creatures that rely on that ice to live, since this is their habitat. They will soon be without any of it at all.

Global warming also has an effect on the extreme weather we can expect to see. For example droughts become more common, as do hurricanes and other severe weather situations. Any one of these can put human lives at risk and when you roll them all together they become even more dangerous. We’ve already seen species of several kinds become extinct and it is believed many of them have died out as a result of global warming. This could continue long into the future as well.

As you can see, even the smallest temperature rise in terms of the earth as a whole can have devastating effects. Even now some adults will say the weather is not the same as it was when they were kids. Perhaps you think the same thing. If this is the case you should consider finding out more about global warming. There could be things you can do to lessen the contributions you make to this situation. If we all did more to lessen the effects we have on the world around us, we could actually stop it from continuing. What could you do to make a difference?