May Has Heated Up for Many Parts of the UK

17 May 2014, 17:01

May is known as the month that gives us two long weekends, both of which occur not that long after the long Easter weekend. We got some great weather during the first Bank Holiday weekend of the month too, with settled and warm weather across many parts of the country.

As the month went on we also had more good news – rising temperatures led to sunny days and several days in a row with no threat of rain. It is looking good for the second Bank Holiday of the year as well, although at the time of writing we are still a week or so away from that so there is no guarantee it will hold.

The newspapers were eager to point out that parts of the UK were hotter than parts of Greece and other Mediterranean destinations. This is the usual headline at this time of year when we get a nice day or two to make the most of. Indeed people in parts of the south east were informed they had better temperatures in Celsius than Monte Carlo did on the first Bank Holiday in May.

It just goes to show how different things can be from day to day and month to month though. Some people think we should make the most of any heatwaves we get during May, just in case we don’t get any decent weather throughout the summer months. After all, just because the schools are on holiday and the long days of late July and August seem to stretch on forever, it doesn’t provide any guarantee of good weather and high temperatures.

Part of the reason why many people wanted to enjoy the good temperatures and sun were because of the dreadful wet and windy weather a lot of areas suffered from earlier in the year. We all saw the flooding on the news and online. It certainly showed that some areas can come to a complete standstill even without low temperatures and the presence of snow. Indeed flooding is arguably even worse than snow in many ways, as it is much harder to get rid of until nature decides to give us some respite so the rains can leave.

It remains to be seen whether high temperatures will follow us into the summer months. But for now we can enjoy the few short warm days while they are with us. The next Bank Holiday after May won’t arrive until August, so until then we can but hope for nice warm weekends to make the most of. The roads soon start getting clogged when the temperature rises, but even if you stay at home and enjoy the weather, it’s good to feel some warmth on your skin.