Taking Care of Your Dog in Hot Weather

1 August 2016, 14:54

Staying cool is really difficult when temperatures start creeping above the mid-twenties Celsius. It doesn’t matter whether you measure the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, you can be sure your dog won’t be enjoying it much.

So it helps to make sure you know how to help your dog if you have one, so they can feel better than they may otherwise do. First and foremost, never ever leave your dog in your car in hot weather – not even for a ‘quick’ run out to get something. Dogs can become ill and even die incredibly quickly indeed.

Dogs typically sweat through their paws, so make sure you keep them cool as much as you can. Limit walks to early morning and late at night, when the temperatures will be cooler, the pavements will be cooler and the sun isn’t blazing in the sky. Do take water for them even then though, as they may appreciate stopping for frequent drinks, especially if it’s humid.

Another good thing to do is to look out for cool pads. These are relatively cheap to buy (depending on the size of your dog) and they are activated by body weight. The idea is the dog lays down on the cool pad and it cools them down automatically. As they move around, the pad recharges – and you have no batteries or power leads to worry about either.

You might also want to consider having a shallow pool for your dog to dip in to cool their paws down. Make sure you place it somewhere shady and don’t be too worried if they don’t use it. Some dogs will love it whereas others won’t be too bothered.

And while we are on the subject of water, you may want to put more than one bowl of cool water down on days where the temperature really does soar. You could also put some ice cubes in the bowls from time to time to keep the water nice and cold.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do to make sure you can keep your dog as cool as possible. Keep an eye on them as often as you can to ensure they are cool and happy. If you have a long-haired dog or one that can have a thick coat (think of a Bichon Frise, for example), you may want to get it clipped more closely during the summer months. It can make them a lot more comfortable.

The more you can do to keep your dog happy when the weather is warm, the happier you will be as well. So make the most of it and enjoy a nice summer with your pet this year.