Why Is It So Cold?

29 April 2016, 15:39

It’s rare to get snow around Easter-time in the UK, although it isn’t unheard of, especially if Easter falls early in the year.

This year, however, Easter is long since gone. In fact, the first Bank Holiday in May is here, and we still have weather warnings out for cold temperatures and, yes, you’ve guessed it – snow.

While the snow will probably fall in the Scottish Highlands as opposed to elsewhere, it has fallen further south in recent days. A few freak snow showers were seen in the South East on 26th April, while skiers were making the most of the extended season up in the Highlands on Cairngorm Mountain.

There is quite a difference between the highest and lowest temperature in Celsius across the UK in April, however. One site gave the highest temperature in London as 14 degrees Celsius and the lowest at 5 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, in Scotland, Aberdeen, over on the east coast, sees a high of 11 degrees Celsius and a low of 3 degrees Celsius. So, not much difference between north and south, and perhaps not as dramatic a difference between the averages and the temperatures we have been seeing recently, either.

It looks as though the Bank Holiday weekend will produce sunshine and showers in many areas, although the temperatures look set to remain cold. Snow isn’t a possibility in the south, at least, so it looks like the freak showers we saw the other day were freak ones indeed. Very few of us ever remember seeing it snowing at the Oval when the cricket was underway, and yet that is exactly what was happening the other day. We may have had the odd warm(ish) day recently, but just as we thought the spring may finally have arrived, heralding better weather in the process, the temperatures have dropped once again and we’re back to putting the heating on.

Apparently, this has all been caused by colder air coming down from the north. No big surprise there, but it is unseasonable for the time of year. As you might expect, the bookies have been slashing the odds on April being the coldest one on record. They are also reducing the odds on May going the same way. Unfortunately, the weather forecast isn’t looking very good for May at the moment. With that said, though, anything beyond five days or so isn’t going to be too accurate, so anything could happen at this point.

Some are now hoping we might be in for a sensational summer, since the early part of the year has been largely disappointing for many of us. We can but hope for something better, even though we didn’t perhaps get the snow-filled winter we were told we would. Maybe the cold air just decided to linger for a bit instead. Either way, we will say goodbye to a disappointing and nippy April.