Privacy Policy


1. Your privacy and your use of this website
2. Personal details and information
3. How we might use your information
4. Your security and data
5. Children’s right to privacy
6. Changing your details and information
7. Contacting us

Your privacy and your use of this website

We are always concerned with protecting your privacy. We take every conceivable step to ensure that any personal details or information you share with us is held in the strictest of conditions. We shall not share any of this information with any other person, persons or businesses of any kind. You may read through the remainder of this policy on this page to gain a greater understanding of this element.

Personal details and information

When using this site you might occasionally be asked to enter certain personal details in order to continue using specific parts of the site. If this occurs you can choose whether or not to continue; furthermore you will only ever have to enter the most essential information required. No details will ever be shared with anyone else. We shall not reveal any personal information in any respect to a third party. This applies to all details in all situations and to everyone who uses our site, regardless of location.

How we might use your information

We shall never take any steps to put your personal information in jeopardy. The same is true of your personal security. If in some cases we request information from you, we shall never use such information without having permission from you to do so in advance. Typical examples would include your first name and your email address. If you do decide you are happy to receive emails from us we always make it easy for you to opt out of receiving such emails at any point in time.

Your security and data

Every conceivable step is taken at all times to ensure all personal information held by us is safe and secure. We take all steps to put in place software and a variety of computer systems to ensure hackers cannot access our site or our information. We would like to assure you any information you share with us is always secure and safe from access or harm.

Children’s right to privacy

This website has not been created for the use of children. It is designed for adults and as such no information has never been taken – nor will it ever be requested – from children. Only adults will be asked for information in the appropriate setting.

Changing your details and information

If you should ever find the information we hold about you is incorrect, you may make changes by letting us know. Please contact us via email or if you prefer by using our direct phone number. You must let us know the exact details that are required to be changed, along with the new information so the changes can be made easily. On occasion it may be possible to obtain login details for our website. Should this ever be the case you are required to protect these details and not to share them with anyone else. We also request that no such information of this nature should ever be written down. These measures help prevent unauthorised access of your account.

Contacting us

All contact is welcomed from people who use, visit or otherwise interact with our website. Please get in touch with any questions, comments, suggestions and complaints. If you should bring to us any matter of concern or complaint, we shall take every conceivable step to resolve it as quickly as possible. Please direct all contact to us via our contact us section.